Chubb 'Crunches" competition, named PLB Sports & Entertainment Player of the Week

Chubb 'Crunches

Missing key starters and playing Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Nick Chubb led the Browns to a convincing 41-16 win Sunday.

As a result, Chubb earned PLB Sports & Entertainment’s Player of the Week honors. He ran just 14 times for 137 yards (a 9.8 yard per carry average) and two touchdowns while catching two passes for 26 yards.

The Browns jumped right back into the battle for first place in the AFC North with the win, as the Steelers and Ravens also won.

Fans of Chubb and his cereal, will get 15% off online orders of the Chubb Crunch bundles. (Click here:

Chubb Crunch, sweetened cinnamon toast squares, have been the fastest-selling product in PLBSE history, which is impressive considering the athletes from Flutie Flakes to Kurt Warner Crunch and now Josh Allen’s Josh’s Jaqs.

Chubb and PLBSE have teamed up to have a portion of each sale support First Candle, a non-profit committed to ending Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related infant deaths while providing bereavement support to families who have experienced a loss.

First Candle partnered with the National Institutes of Health on the Back to Sleep campaign and has a result, there has been a reduction in the rate of SIDS by more than 50%.

First Candle is still working hard on education as sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), which includes SIDS and accidental suffocation and strangulation in bed (ASSB), remains the leading cause of death for babies one month to one year of age. Due to SUID more than 300 babies every month may not live to see their first birthday. Infant mortality rates in the U.S. are also higher than in the 20 wealthiest nations.

Chubbana PLB Sports & Entertainment have an exciting superhero video that talks about the cereal, his love to be in Cleveland and why he is trying to raise money to prevent the death of infants.

“The reasons I want to prevent SIDS, my sister had a child die around five months old,” Chubb said in his video. “Any way I can give back and be there for my sister and the rest of my family. This is one way especially I can show them I love them and I care for them."