Piece of History: Fans getting a part of Field of Dreams

Piece of History: Fans getting a part of Field of Dreams

Playing the part of John Kinsella, who was actor Kevin Coster's father in the movie, Brown said in his book, "If You Build it" that he would go to theaters and buy a ticket at the end of the movie to see the incredible reactions.

Brown was in Dyersville, Iowa, all week leading up the Field of Dreams game signing boxes of the new Field of Dreams cereal and then meeting fans and co-stars from the movie at the site.

Major League Baseball has announced the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds will play in the game in 2022 and a new TV series based on the movie will begin.

As the hunger for a part of Field of Dreams grows, PLB Sports and Entertainment teamed up with Brown to release boxes of cereal for the public on the website and the winner is Comfort Zone Camp.

On the website, fans are able to get two boxes for $29.99 and a portion of each sale goes to Comfort Zone Camp, which transforms the lives of children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, primary caregiver, or significant person.

The programs are free for children from ages 7 to 17 and they have an adult program for those 18 to 25. Because of the pandemic, the nationwide program has set up a new Comfort Zone At Home program as well.

There are limited signed boxes available as well (click HERE)

VIDEO: Dwier Brown talking about the release of the cereal:

Brown also released a funny video to promote the cereal, playing on the emotions of those who watch the movie as grown men cry eating cereal.