VIDEOS: Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs means 25% of savings on great products for Buffalo Bills and football fans

VIDEOS: Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs means 25% of savings on great products for Buffalo Bills and football fans


In Buffalo, a popular phrase is 17+14 = 6 as Buffalo Bills' quarterback Josh Allen (who wears 17) throws to wide receiver Stefon Diggs (14) and it's a touchdown for six points.

A popular product in the Buffalo area is Josh Allen's JA17 coffee, which has been featured on Kyle Brandt's Basement, an ESPN show and Wake Up Buffalo on CBS.

Through Sunday, you can get JA17 coffee bundles (click here) and then get 25% off all Diggs14 products online, including his popular hot sauces and lemon pepper seasoning. (You can read about the charities and foundation Josh and Stefon donate to through sales of their products HERE)

Allen and Diggs were named PLB Sports & Entertainment's co-players of the week for their performances in an incredible and emotional 35-23 win over the New England Patriots.

Allen went 19-of-31 for 254 yards and three touchdowns and Diggs caught seven  passes for 104 yards and a touchdown.

17 and 14 connected for this amazing score, a 49-yard pass that analyst Tony Romo called "one of the great throws you'll see all year."



The game was also the first time the team took the field since teammate Damar Hamlin was injured during a Monday night game with Cincinnati. Hamlin's heart stopped and medical staff saved him on the field. Diggs took an Uber to the hospital to see Hamlin after the game.

"We were praying hard, we were praying long. We looked as it as, 'If my brother can make it through, we can fight through it' and we were looking through the week so we can play for him," Diggs told the NFL Network after the victory over the Patriots.

"It was weighing on my heart, especially during the game, I tried to wrap my head around it, keep my guys in the right mindset in case we had to play," Diggs continued. "After the game was (canceled) I had to focus on my guy. I had to go see him. That's one of my little bro's. He's been like a little brother to me since he got here. I love him and I just wanted to be close to him, pray for him, touch him, let him know I was there for him."

The full interview:


Before each game, Diggs likes to play catch with fans. Even on the road with opposing teams. Here he made the day of some kids from Cincinnati:



Diggs isn't the only one who can catch. During his commercial shoot for JA17 Blend Coffee a pod went off the table to the first floor in Orchard Park. PLB President and CEO Ty Ballou tossed it back, and Allen made an incredible grab on the errant throw!

Allen and Diggs are fun on and off the field. Here are some PLB Sports & Entertainment photos and videos from our shoots.


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