Two more touchdowns for Deandre Hopkins as Arizona Cardinals improve to 6-0

Two more touchdowns for Deandre Hopkins as Arizona Cardinals improve to 6-0

The top receiving highlights in the NFL centered around some great catches and fancy moves from Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins on Sunday.

During a 37-14 win over the Cleveland Browns, Hopkins caught three passes on four targets for 55 yards and two touchdowns, including a 33-yard grab.

But it was this touchdown catch and move (click here) that had fans in disbelief  as he juked two defenders who fell on the 19-yard touchdown, then showed he's not all finesse as he broke two tackles inside the five to get in the end zone.

Hopkins, whose nickname is D-Hop, is also making news off the field with his Deandre's Hop Box, a cereal with proceeds going to a foundation to benefit survivors of domestic abuse.

His Hop Box Touchdown two-pack bundle contains two limited edition boxes of Deandre's Hop Box, which benefits the S.M.O.O.T.H. Foundation.

"The S.M.O.O.T.H. Foundation started in South Carolina a few years ago, my mom, she had an idea to help women and also families who are in domestic violence situations," Hopkins said. "For my mom and I, it's a dream come true to help others. It's something we think will outlast us."

The first two bundles sold out, but the limited edition boxes are available. To see Deandre's PLB Sports & Entertainment page, click here.

The Cardinals are now 6-0, their best start since 1974 and Hopkins has already matched his touchdowns from 2020. 

Hopkins said Deandre's Hop Box and the chance to raise money for the foundation is a dream come true. He also said there is another strong meaning behind his passion to help his mom.

"Why we chose the foundation and to work in that field is, because my mom was in a domestic violence situation that still has affected her," Hopkins said. "And it has led her to make a positive impact on others. So we turned a negative into a positive. My mom, she's amazing, she's always working behind the scenes and never given up on her dream, which has helped other people."

On ESPN, Calvin Johnson, who was elected into the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, said Hopkins is on his short-list of players to watch.

"My list isn't very long, I only have about four or five receivers," Johnson said.
I got my guy D-Hop, he's got some of the best hands in the league."