"Back of the Box" Answers

Are You Wicked Smart? Answers

1D, 2A, 3C, 4C, 5D, 6D

Jumpin JuJu's Crunch Crossword Answers


1. How old was JuJu when he was drafted? Twenty
3. How many siblings does JuJu have? Six
5. What team did JuJu score his first touchdown against? Vikings
7. What is JuJu's real name? John
8. How many TD's did JuJu score his rookie year? Eight
9. What item was stolen from JuJu? Bike
10. What is JuJu's dog's name? Boujee
11. What bowl game did JuJu win in college? Rose


    1. What is JuJu's middle name? Toa
    2. What month was JuJu born? November
    3. How many TD's did JuJu score before turning 21? Seven
    4. What college did JuJu attend? USC
    6. What is JuJu's favorite video game? Fortnite
    10. What is his dog's favorite food? Bacon

      Josh's Jaq's Riddle Answers

      1. Frost 
      2. His horse's name is Friday
      3. An envelope 
      4. Golf
      5. To get his quarter back
      6. The word “ton”